July 30, 2015

Kronig's isthmus and Traube's space

Kronig's Isthmus is a band of resonance representing lung apex. It may also be remembered as the supraclavicular region.
Boundaries: Medially: Scalene
                    Laterally: Acromion process
                    Anteriorly: Clavicle
                    Posteriorly: Trapezius

Impaired dullness: Fibrosis, Upper Lobe Collapse and Mass
Hyperresonant: Emphysema, Hydropneumothorax

Traube's Space boundaries:
Superiorly: 6th rib
Laterally: Mid axillary line
Medially: Left costal margin

Dullness: Splenomegaly, Full stomach, Left Pleural Effusion, Carcinoma involving gastric fundus, Enlarged left lobe of liver, Achalasia cardia